Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara

This wasn't a perfect story, but highly enjoyable.
Miss Julia St. Claire doesn't believe in love. And she's made that clear in the ton. Even though her mother wants both her and her sister to marry well, Julia isn't worried about it. She's seen how it affected her parents' marriage and how love has ruined her sister's life. Her sister, Sophia, has been in love with the Earl of Clivesden for years and it has caused her nothing but misery because the man does not return her affections. In fact, the latest rumor and attentions has him focused on... Julia.
Benedict Revelstoke, though a second son, has been a friend of the family for years. He has never allowed himself to acknowledge his feelings for Julia until it appears that he is about to lose her to the Earl, a man who is a bully and just an all-around jerk (one who is sleeping with his best friend's fiancee).
Sophia is in something of a jam when she faints at a ball and the Earl of Clivesden leaves her alone with Earl of Highgate, compromising them. He is much older than her and the gossips would have it that he murdered his first wife. Sophia is still in love with Clivesden at this point so he agrees to an fake engagement until the end of the series.
Julia doesn't do the same. Instead, she asks Benedict for a more... scandalous solution.
I think this is the first book from this author and as such, I'm willing to give her a little more leeway. It's a good book, definitely some rough spots but I really cared about Julia and Shopia and what happened to them.

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