Monday, January 28, 2013

Back to You by Robin Kaye

Thank goodness Kaye is back on her regular track of fast, fun reads that can grab the reader and not annoy the hell out of them.
The only reason Storm Decker came back to Red Hook is because his adoptive father is in the hospital. Of course, this brings him face-to-face with the reason he ran from Red Hook in the first place, Breanna Collins.
Bree has been running their family's bar, updating and upgrading it to something fabulous. She's also been helping out with Storm's father's latest adoptee, ten-year-old Nicki.
Storm and Bree have a lot of trust issues to work through and for most of the book, I enjoyed watching them make their way closer to each other. Alas, the book is marred by the overused last-minute-unexpected-wrinkle just when the characters are safely at their HEA. However, still a great book and I look forward to reading Logan's story.

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