Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Good Day to Buy by Sherry Harris

A Good Day to Buy by Sherry HarrisAt the end of the last book, I wasn't sure that I liked our narrator, Sarah, very much. This book got her more on an even keel for me. Her brother has mysteriously shown up in town after nearly two years of estrangement. And this is right on the heels of a sale where the husband and wife were viciously attacked while Sarah was running their tag sale.
Now Sarah has to balance the love of her ex-husband (who doesn't really impress me much) with the love she has for her brother. There is also still a lot of tension between Sarah and her ex, most-eligible-bachelor attorney, Seth.
I like the way this story is heading better than the last one. This is still a fast, fun, and fluffy series worth following.

Three stars
This book comes out April 25
ARC kindly provided by NetGalley
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