Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Secret Son by Joan Kilby

The Secret Son by Joan KilbyUgh. I really wish NetGalley would warn you when a book is going to be a novella. I really liked the description of Alex Chernoff, successful ladies man, spontaneously deciding to blow off his fabulous vacation because the dad who deserted him sent a birthday card. But the novella form was not long enough to really develop the characters of either Alex or his heroine, Emma, who is in visiting her family at the same time Alex is discovering his. She is very entwined in the lives of Alex's father and siblings and very suspect of Alex. Nor was this book really long enough to do anything other than rush the plot development. I
Had this been a longer book, I suspect I would have very much enjoyed it. Not quite a Whiskey-Creek-Novak book but reminded me of the writing style with just a smidge less angst. Considering that Alex's half-siblings are total sequel bait, I'll be on the lookout to try this author again.
Two and a half stars.

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