Friday, September 4, 2015

Bhakti Flow Yoga by Rusty Wells

This is a well-written and thoughtful exploration of yoga. I'm just not sure who it's aimed at.
Product DetailsThere is a LOT of information in the first part of this book. Like, a lot. A lot. A cavalcade. And because of that fact, none of it is very in depth. While I'm guessing this may be aimed at new-to-yoga practitioners, it is guaranteed to be overwhelming. There are entire books, entire retreats that cover things that half the page in this book.
And then in the second part, the descriptions aren't always clear, poses build on other poses that haven't yet been introduced, and all of the pictures have the most difficult version of the pose. This part is more clearly aimed at someone who has had some experience with in-person classes.
Personally, I got lost in the first part and enjoyed most of the pose descriptions. An okay book but not sure who I would recommend it to.

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