Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thrill Me by Susan Mallery

It’s possible that “Thrill Me” suffered in comparison to the sheer joy and weepiness that was “Kiss Me”. It’s a return to the regular Mallery “Fool’s Gold” series, but with a little less shoehorning in of returning characters.
Thrill Me by Susan MalleryThis time, Zane’s former step-sister, Maya, is up on the chopping block of love. When she was young, she lived with her mother and was dragged around as her mother went from relationship to relationship. She didn’t think she could understand how to live in a normal, loving relationship so she took off, leaving her wounded fiancé behind. Now she’s back in town to help promote tourism in Fool’s Gold.
Del, the wounded fiancé, has also returned to Fool’s Gold after an exciting career traveling around the globe and participating in extreme sports. He sold his company for a bazillionty dollars (okay, it’s never really said, but it’s implied that he’ll never, ever, ever have to ride in coach again.)
Del and Maya are okay together, I guess. I never really got the idea that the “we’re still hot, hot, hot” for each other vibe. And the B plot… I didn’t love. Will I stop reading the series? If I haven’t yet, probably not. Will regular Mallery readers love it? Probably.

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