Thursday, February 19, 2015

Perfect Homecoming by Julia Lonon

23167180Well. This is certainly going to be a divisive book. The heroine is not very likable. Correction, she's just not likable at all. She's confrontational, not a people person, and a kleptomaniac boot. Notice that I didn't comment on her sleeping with around. Frankly, her lack of feeling guilty attached to that was the thing I like most about her.
Yes, we know that she took the medal that Cooper Jessup is looking for but there's this prolonged dance around the subject.
Cooper... was okay. But a little too perfect. I do like a hero with flaws.
I generally like Julia London and I think that it's awesome that she took on the task of trying to create an unlikable character that we could relate to. But I just never really connected with either the hero or the heroine.

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