Friday, February 20, 2015

First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan

Oh, Sarah Morgan. I love your writing but your heroes... oof. If you don't mind your heroines apologizing because the hero lied to them and she got mad about that (which is is obviously a no-no for the heroine,) this is going to be an okay book.

First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan
Emily Donovan is not in a good place. Her half-sister (an evil, evil character) has died and left Emily custody of her daughter. Emily knows nothing about children and she's terrified of the ocean so she decided to bring Emily to an island. Someplace to escape the paparazzi.
Ryan Cooper helped raise his siblings and doesn't want to have anything to do with any more children. So why is he so attracted to Emily?
I will probably try at least a few more Sarah Morgan stories because I really do enjoy her writing. But I wish I could connect with the heroes more. Not that wishy-washy Emily whose troubles with swimming seemed to clear up really, really fast.
It comes out next Tuesday.

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