Friday, January 23, 2015

It Must Be Your Love by Bella Andre

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When this book started, Ford is being a rock star alpha-hole. He hooked up with Mia Sullivan five years ago and then dumped her fast when she refused to leave everything in her life to travel with him. Now, thanks to his biographer, Ford realizes that he still loves her and wants her back. So he sets up an anonymous house showing (she's a successful realtor) and thinks that he can win her back in the course of a conversation. Hell, he's even envisioning their kids in the house. He's ready to give it all up for her (well, he's tired of touring anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal, right?)
I was really frustrated at this point. Andre is sort of uneven for me anyway with her heroes bordering on some really reprehensible behavior and I was ready for this book to be the one for me to be able to put it down and say, "I don't need to read this author anymore." BUT. But! Mia smacks him down! Yes, there's still all of the wildly annoying vacillating but she doesn't just fall into his arms. AND. And! Ford wises up and realizes that he's being and alpha-hole! There were still some problems
Ford was still very controlling, not letting their relationship progress physically because of HIS plan but at least Mia called him on his initial bullshit. Which means I have to keep this series on my list, if only to see how Ian and Tatiana turn out <spoiler>though with all of the references to his dark past and her innocence, I don't have high hopes for this book

Minor quibbles
Time with his parents was too short and really felt like the grown up version of plot moppets. Except they weren't young. Or cute.
Crap, I had some more but can't remember now.

Bottom line: if you like your Bella Andre (REALLY alpha heroes), you'll probably still enjoy this book. Mia was less wilting flower than some of Andre's heroines and that made for more enjoyable book.

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