Sunday, January 18, 2015

Devil Takes a Bride by Julia London

Grace is one of the most eligible heiresses out this season. Or... she was. Once word of her mother's madness gets out, their family is going to be shunned. That's why she's making one last bid for respectability. By being really, really bad. Except that she catches the wrong brother in her trap. While Amherst is a congenial escort who loves society as much as Grace, his brother is ... not a nice man. Especially according to Amherst. So Grace is mortified to have caught him instead.
Jefferson has no interest in Grace. Except that he has too much interest in this woman. She is his living fantasy (and he has a LOT of those that we see) but he can't connect with her. He is either scarred by his abusive father's actions or a little on the Aspberger's scale (he likes things to be even, is obsessed with the number 8, etc.) Also, he just doesn't like society very much.
For her part, Grace is trying very hard to make the best of the mess that she put herself in. She's trying to understand what is going on in her husband's head but can't figure out why he's so distant. I LOVED that she actually just kept talking to him about it, though. There was no Big Misunderstanding just because the main characters never sat down and talked.
The story was a little two "happy ever after" what with Jefferson's many tics being overcome by "twu lurv" and very little else. Also, I didn't love that it seemed like Jefferson made all the concessions in their relationship. But overall, I liked the characters, I liked the pacing, and the story.

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