Friday, August 22, 2014

Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan

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What an absolutely lovely book. Courtney Milan is a past master at weaving together history and romance in such a way that her characters practically leap off the page.
Frederica, Free, Marshall is a newspaper owner. One of the radical women you read about in history books, subjecting herself to untold horrors that women in England faced at that time and then exposing the truth.
She is having some current difficulties though. Someone keeps stealing her proofs and then having a male author rewrite her articles. When the false articles go into print first, it looks like her paper can do nothing but copy their male counterparts. And that's just the tip of what's going on.
Edward Clark has a history with the man who is messing with Free. And he starts helping with her so that he can get revenge but soon falls under her spell.
I liked that we saw a gradual progression of falling in love. The story took place over a long time with both Free and Edward trying to move toward a mutual compromise.

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