Friday, May 16, 2014

Suddenly last Summer by Sarah Morgan

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I'm quite enjoying Sarah Morgan's (SM) books. It's always lovely to find a new contemporary author that you can enjoy. Especially one who hasn't jumped on the BDSM bandwagon. The sex in this one is hot, but not super-explicit.
We are re-introduced to two characters from the first book, Elise and Sean. Elise is a French chef, both by nationality and cuisine She's had a hard life, including losing the only person who was her real family, her mother while they were in the midst of an argument. But she was rescued from a bad situation by Sean's twin, Jackson, and has created a new family for herself at Snow Crystal Resort.
When Walter, the family patriarch (Sean's grandfather), collapses from a heart attack, Sean is called home, to the place he hates most to go. Even with the promise of returning to Elise with whim he had a torrid one night stand last summer, Sean does not want to go back. The place his grandfather loves was a burden to Sean's father and the place Sean only wanted to escape from. Even becoming a well-known surgeon hasn't lessened the disappointment Sean sees in his grandfather ever time he returns to Snow Crystal.
This is a great story where Sean and Elise are going to have to meet halfway in order to find their HEA. And I liked that SM was really able to get them to that point in a believable and fun manner.

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