Thursday, September 8, 2016

Autumn Allure by Allie Boniface

Was I the only one weirded out that the title is "Autumn Allure" and Autumn is the name of our hero's daughter? I get that "allure" doesn't necessarily mean something, well, mature, but it sure implies it.
Autumn Allure by Allie BonifaceAnyway. Reading this book was some slow going. I thought that maybe this was the author's first book because the sentences didn't really flow. It was just sort of choppy. And I never really connected with the characters and couldn't really figure out why they were connecting with each other. I finished it and was okay with the end but couldn't help to wish for a little more.
Maxine "Max" Abbott is a librarian who, in her late twenties, still lives with her mother. Her mother is a former beauty queen who jumped from man to man and is now embarking on a quest to get on the town council.
Nate Hunter is a bar tender who loves his life. He's jumping around from girl to girl all while being footloose and fancy-free. And then. An ex-lover he barely remembers comes and tells him that he has a daughter. Suddenly, the guy who throws out pans and dishes rather than cleaning them is going to be raising a child. At least until her aunt gets back into the country. But his sister is leaving the house they've been sharing and Nate will be on his own with a four-year-old girl.
When Nate overhears Max's mom trying to bully her into being more of a girly-girl and then notices that she seems to connect with Autumn in a way that he can't, he comes up with a solution. Max can move in and help him take care of his daughter.

Three stars
This book comes out September 15

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