Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken

The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van DykenJane is a modern day Cinderella, except that her evil sisters are full-blooded. But still fairly evil, I mean, they expect Jane to do all their cooking, cleaning, and bill paying.
Brock can sort of understand. His younger brothers (twins) are not only working their way through most of the beds in town leaving him to run their family company, their reputation is leaking over to him as well. Which is why his grandfather wants to auction Brock off to some lucky lady. And heck, they might as well go ahead and get married. So that's why he's going to sneak off to his family's ranch. To get away from the ensuing hubbub. Too bad he finally may have met the woman of his dreams.
Is it coincidence that Jane ends up at the ranch? No. Not when his grandfather is involved.

Too bad Jane was such as wet dishrag. Everyone. EVERYONE walks all over her. And she doesn't even get to be the author of her HEA. She just has to trust Brock. Nor does it feel like her sisters ever get a good comeuppance. This might not be annoying to other readers but it really dropped my rating a lot.

Two stars
This book comes out O

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