Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Cinderella Club -- anthology

The concept of this book was interesting to me and though I thought I could figure out the "twist," I hadn't read a good anthology in awhile and requested this one from NetGalley. It was okay. I know it's hard to build up a whole story with so few words and these authors did mostly okay. I was impressed that they managed to get at least a couple of scenes that crossed over into all four stories. Could have done with a little less beating about the head with how much the guys liked these gals (especially in the third story).

Cinderella Had it Easy  by Jennifer Conner
Cami is the one to set things off, showing off her grandmother's magical pendant, the one that helped win her the love of Cami's grandfather. The same story begins the broader arch for each of the main characters.
For Cami, she's quite shy because of the scars on her face, left there by a car accident when she was six. She's quite taken with the new host of the station where she works (which has history documenteries, is that even a a thing?). And he seems quite taken with her new body. Yes, wishing on the locket actually worked. And now Lance(lot!?!) seems quite interested in Cami. But can she trust that's it's going to last after the magic is gone?

Spellbound Cinderellaby Angela Ford
Tess is totally attracted to Parker Walsh, the famous world-traveling photographer. But other than once spilling her coffee on him, she doesn't believe that he could ever see her as anything special. I mean, the man probably dates the models that her firm employs. So when the Cinderella spell works and Parker invites Tess to a fundraising event, complete with new dress, Tess is initially ecstatic. But she's going to grab this 24 hours to enjoy for the rest of her life...

Second Chance Cinderella by Sharon Kleve
It's really interesting that this particular main character, Raven St. James,  is a phlebotomist. A person who draws blood for a living as the heroine? I would be very interested to read a full book about someone with this profession. Her particular crush is a doctor on her ward. Petite and black-haired (With jade eyes, no less), Raven is nothing like the tall, buxom, blonde nurses she sees on General Hospital. But the Cinderella spell give her the courage to wink at her crush. And he seems enchanted...

Cinderella's Enchanted Night by Amber Daulton
Wow. Annalise Gallagher's friends "joke" that she's a stalker. But sitting for an hour in the hot summer sun just to catch a glimpse of someone --- yeah, that's actually stalking. And creepy. She's an art framer working in the gallery across the street from her crush who is an art restorer/tour guide in a museum. Might have been a better story if it had been longer but this was not enough space for the story to be developed (or her creepiness to be offset.)

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