Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Lady Hellion by Joanna Shupe

Sophia and Quint have both been damaged, yet are moving on with their lives. Well, Sophia is anyway. She's been running around London, often dressed as a man, helping the poor women of the city, the ones who no one else seems to notice.
Quint, on the other hand, has locked himself away in his house suffering with acute agoraphobia and a few other mental issues that make him fear going mad like his father. Yet, the problems with Lady Sophia are driving him mad.
Compounding the issues is the fact that the two are wildly attracted to each other but Quint is just as wildly against marriage and branching out his damaged family tree.
Add to that the problem of several "ladies of the night" who have been disappearing and then ending up dead in the Thames with their right hands cut off....
A thoroughly enjoyable book. I loved that Quint's problems weren't solved just because of Sophie's magic vajayjay, that he actually had to work and hadn't overcome them, even at the end of the book.
It felt like a book with bits and pieces of other things I had read before, but put together in a new and delightful story. Definitely three and a half stars.

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