Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer on Lovers' Island by Donna Alward

I read this book and Kiss Me by Susan Mallery in close succession and quite enjoyed both. It made for a nice streak of contemporary enjoyment.

We've met the hero, Josh Collins in previous books. He is still recovering from his marriage. Though a widower, it wasn't his wife's death that caused the demise of his union. Rather, it was the fact that she was (and always had been) in love with Josh's cousin (who found his own HEA in Treasure on Lilac Lane). Now that there's a new doctor in town, he doesn't have any emotions left for a "forever," kind of relationship. But maybe some right now...?
Lizzie Howard has her own issues. Her mother is rapidly descending into Alzheimer's, her father just passed away, and Lizzie worked so hard she (may have? It seems unclear whether it was actually a mistake or just one of those things. But she feels like) killed a patient. So, while on forced leave from her ER, she agrees to cover her friend's maternity leave as a GP on a picturesque island.
Though neither one wants more than a physical relationship, they are drawn to each other and may just find their HEA anyway.
This series is starting to suffer a little bit from overuse of previous characters. I also thought the birthing scene was a bit overdramatic. But overall it was a good book that gave me some happy feels and I look forward to the next book in the series.

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