Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Bride for the Season by Jennifer Delamere

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James Simpson is enjoying a light flirtation with Emily Cardington. At least, it's light on his part. For her part... well, she follows him to a seedy bar, bribes his mistress to take her shawl, and then forces herself into a compromising situation with James. Not lucky for James and even more unlucky for her near-spinster sister Lucinda who followed her there that a gossip columnist catches it all.
Emily's father is not amused. But - he promises to increase her dowry if James can find a husband for Lucinda before the he marries Emily. James isn't an idiot. He knows that Emily is not the kind of wife that he wanted, that she's too young. And he's realistic enough to know that they're going to need money to live. But, of course, in true romance fashion, he discovers that Lucinda is maybe more his type...
I wish that this had been labeled as inspirational (Christian Romance) in NetGalley. I don't have anything against the genre but it's not one of my favorites. The book was also a bit... slow. If you like the genre, prefer a book that's fairly clean (no sex/dirty talk) and don't mind a slower-paced book, you might enjoy this book. Otherwise, I think there are others out there.

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