Monday, October 27, 2014

Maybe this Christmas by Sarah Morgan

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If you are looking for a story with a slow build, this will certainly satisfy your urges. If you aren't, this could be something of a slog.
I was very much looking forward to Brenna and Tyler's story. They have been minor characters in the last two books and everyone has commented on Brenna's love for Tyler. One that he doesn't seem to reciprocate.
They are both good people. Tyler was sliding toward not being a very good person but, one bad turn on the ski hill, and the champion skier became a "former." He can still ski, and still do hard hills, but he isn't up to championships.
Brenna has always loved Tyler. And not in a "friend" way. But she doesn't want to push any harder, afraid that she'd lose even that tenuous connect.
But everyone else is tired of seeing both Tyler and Brenna unhappy. They all think that the two are perfect for each other. So... some machinations ensue. For as many people that are pushing these two, it is a long, slow story where the tension is dragged out for far too long. Great character development and nice to see the characters again.

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