Monday, September 29, 2014

In your Dreams by Kristan Higgins

I absolutely devoured this book. Read it all in one sitting. While I was reading it, I was loving it. But thinking back, I have a few issues. I'll hide those behind spoilers in case other people don't share my opinions. I don't want to infect you if you didn't notice them.
First things first. What was with the prologue and epilogue. It would have been a good hook had it been done in the rest of the series, but it just seems odd coming up now. The good news is, you don't have to have read the rest of the series to get into this book.
Jack Holland is the perfect man. Built like a Greek god, good to his family, a conscientious entrepreneur (wine, hello!), and honest-to-God hero. It's that act of heroism that's currently haunting him. When Emmaline Neal, policewoman, part of his hockey team, needs an out-of-town date, he's only too happy to leave town.
Definitely in line with the rest of the Blue Heron series. The past characters are involved, but in ways that totally make sense with te story, nobody shoehorned in. Definitely worth reading.

I had this nagging feeling that Jack was too perfect. But then I remembered how he dicked Emmaline over when it came to his ex-wife being locked in a cell. I guess that was my problem. He was soooo perfect in every other aspect and then comes up a dick? It was jarring.
And Emmaline, though a strong woman, we saw waaaaay to much of her issues. It's fine for real women to have issues. It's good for fictional heroines to have issues. But when she stutters, can't get over her ex, is a little too whiny, and her relationship with her family is just painful... especially in comparison to the Greek god. It just didn't seem like an equal match.

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