Friday, June 20, 2014

Until we Touch by Susan Mallery

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I have been waiting to read this story. Larissa Owens and Jack McGarry have been features in the Fool's Gold series for so long with their relationship that is obviously more than just friends, that I couldn't wait to see how it resolved.
Well, it starts out with Larissa's mother telling both that Larissa is in love with Jack. Something neither of them had acknowledged. Mostly because neither Larissa nor Jack believe it to be true. 
Larissa is a bleeding heart. In earlier books she's rescued snakes (poisonous, buy hero of that book), puppies, and any number of other animals. In this book, she's adopted a cat. A very fancy cat that probably would have been her last choice for when she adopted an animal of her own. 
Working for the guys and Taryn at PR firm Score as their private masseuse/Jack's personal assistant has been the perfect job. She was nervous about their move from LA but it's turned out to be a good thing. She's got her friends on the job and is making friends in town as well. Friends that are quick to back up her mother's assertion. 
Again, I have to wonder how small this town is supposed to be. Small enough that everyone knows everyone but large enough to have a university? Not just a college. And one that's big enough to have football team at that. I know I should suspend my disbelief, but living in a small mountain town makes it really hard to read about "small mountain towns" that seem to grow exponentially for plot points. Granted, the characters do talk about the town expanding but this seems awfully fast. 
But, if you like Susan Mallery's books, especially the ones in this series, I think that you will enjoy this one as well.

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