Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery

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I quite enjoy Susan Mallery books, especially when she doesn't try to shoehorn in every other couple that she ever wrote about in the Fool's Gold series. Now, she's even starting to introduce new people. That meant that Sam and Dellina's story, while very good, was a little bit more on the novella side than a full story. But a surprisingly well-developed one.
We learned how Sam and Dellina met in "When We Met". He went over to her house on Valentine's Day eve, had some super hot sex, and then accidentally wandered into her spare bedroom which not only housed her friend's wedding dresses while the store was being redone, but also has a wipey board with "10 Ways to Make Him Propose" written on it. Sam ran in fear. See, his track record with women isn't very good. His past includes, among others, a stalker who slashed his tires, a woman who slept with his two best friends (and then suggested a foursome), and an ex-wife who wrote a book about how to marry a sports star. Sam just wants a quiet life. But he's been put in charge of planning a retreat for his companies clients and the only event planner in town? Dellina. Now it's crunch time and these two will have to work together to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch.
We also see quite a bit of one of Dellina's sisters, Fayrene. In her story, she had told sweetie Ryan that she didn't want to get married for three more years. Now, she's changed her mind but doesn't want to tell him because she wants him to realize that she wants to get married now and magically propose. Every single character in the book tells her not to be stupid and to just tell him (yay every other character!) And while this is a nice side story, it really just feels like a forced way to bring in Pia and Raoul, Simon and Montana, and any number of other characters so that we can see updates in their lives
Five stars for Sam and Dellina's story, three stars overall.

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