Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

I am loving every single book in this series. Seriously, loving.
Grace is in between jobs. She has overachiever parents who aren't necessarily pressuring her to also be excellent, but she's feeling the pressure. She's running out of money and options. Her phone rings with someone looking for a dog sitter. It's not her flyer he's answering but she jumps at the chance to make some money. Nearly losing the dog has Dr. Josh Scott coming to her rescue and also results in getting her fired. Except that Dr. Josh needs help. His practice has grown to a point where he can't keep up. He doesn't have enough time to deal with his son, much less his twenty-one-year-old sister who is pretty close to a paraplegic but most definitely has an attitude. In fact, her attitude is what has driven Josh's past two nannies from the house.
Grace doesn't want to get involved, but she has an attraction to Josh that is hard to deny. She's also falling in love with his son and trying to help protect his sister.
The cameos from other books were a little forced sometimes but never overt.
Love Lucky Harbor. Love the Chocolate quotes at the beginning. Love Amy, Mallory, and Grace's relationship.

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