Sunday, January 22, 2012

Much Ado about Rogues by Kasey MIchaels

Black Jack is the last of the Blackthorn brothers to find his perfect mate. Except, that's not exactly true. He found someone once, bt than lost her when her father blamed Jack for her brother's death. But now Lady Tess Fonteneau is back in his life because her father, it seems, is once again up to no good. The government chooses Jack, as a former protege, to track him down. Tess loves her father. She knows that he isn't perfect but he's been there for her and he really seems to have bonded with her son. (This comes in the first part of the book, so it's not a spoiler to mention it here.) Yes, Jack has a secret son. And he's not a complete asshat about the whole thing! He's a little disappointed that she couldn't trust him, but he knows the familial history (Would have given the book three stars except that this bit of actual heroics in a hero pushed me over.) Part of that history is another protege of Tess' father who seems to be trying to kill not only her father, but Tess and Jack as well.
I mostly liked this story. It drew me in and kept me reading. If you like Kasey Michaels, You'll really enjoy this book.
Read-alikes: Amanda Quick, Mary Balogh

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