Friday, March 3, 2017

Yoga FAQ by Richard Rosen

I requested this book through NetGalley because it looked like a nice introductory book into yoga and, quite frankly, had a fun cover. But this is not a light book, the author dives right into the depths of yoga. And, I'm gonna be honest, this threw me off for the remainder of the reading. Especially with the subtitles, I was expecting something a little... more basic. A reference you could flip around in and look for answers to various questions.
This is a perfectly nice book about yoga. There are proposed questions and answers, sometimes with accompanying stories related to yoga or short bunny trails containing more, related information.
I'd say that this book is more geared to the advanced practitioner or slightly-past-the-beginning-teacher than newbies; especially since there are a lot of references that those just starting on their yoga path just won't get.

Three Stars
This book comes out March 7

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