Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina

We've met both Diana and Nate in previous Book Club Belles Society books. And it always seemed that they were destined for each other but we find out it is now three years later and, due to a Big Misunderstanding, the two parted ways. Diana is now firmly on the shelf (although wouldn't she have been at 24 as well?) and a bit meeker, a bit quieter than she used to be. She laments often that her good friend Cathy, the other "quiet" one of the group, has married and left town (well, more sad about the latter and happy for her friend about the former).
Captain Nate Sherringham is in town on a piece of business. He's not sure how he got roped into bringing along a rather notorious divorcee (actually, he knows that he's a sucker for helping women) but he's glad that he'll have a chance to show snooty Diana that he's made something of himself.
How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne FresinaThere were misunderstanding on both sides but the two slowly start to realize what those mistakes were and a trip to Bath, where the two meet again and can start anew, might just let them find their HEA.
I really vacillated between a three and four-star review on this one. I had a lot of issues with the book (the Bath scenes are a bit drawn out and seem out of character for Diana) but it was overall not out of the way Fresina has framed this series so I think that people who enjoyed the first two books will really enjoy this one as well.
This book comes out Jan. 5, 2016.

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