Monday, February 25, 2013

Too Hot to Handle by Victoria Dahl

So much better than the previous book in this series (Close Enough to Touch) but still not up to the level of my favorite Victoria Dahl book. Merry, the heroine of this book, is the best friend of Grace, the heroine from the previous book. She is definitely easier to connect to although she still wasn't completely likeable. A lot of this is personal prejudice about an inexpert people trying to do restoration. If she really loves this ghost town, she should be trying to get an expert in to save it. #Reallifeintruding
Merry is supposedly a "good girl" and Shade, the hero, is supposedly a cad. But, we don't really see either of those qualities in these two. Merry is the one who is trying to keep the relationship light and the worst thing Shane does is hide that he's the actual owner of the ghost town Merry is trying to restore. And he doesn't want it to be fixed. She, on the other hand, is sneaky (the mailbox, trying to get "secret" work done on the town) and vacillates between wanting and not wanting him, then hiding the relationship from her friends.
And on top of all that, the condom use is only... okay. Used in the first encounter and not thereafter.
And yet, I liked the book. A HUGE step up from the last one, as I mentioned before. I think most readers won't have the issues I had with the conservation and therefore will be more willing to suspend disbelief.

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