Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An Affair to Dismember by Elise Sax

I got this book from NetGalley and am thoroughly disappointed because now I have yet another series that I am going to be compulsively buying.
Gladie Burger has been floating through life, trying to find the job she was meant to have. She's lately ended up at her grandmother's house. Gladie's grandmother, Zelda, is the town's matchmaker. She has a... sense about people. Zelda's going to be a hard act to follow and Gladie's not sure she has the same talents. But she's going to have some time to figure it out while she's hot on the trail of a murderer. Of course, there's the expected love triangle (or is it square?) and Gladie is a little bit of the trite, hapless heroine (you know, the really pretty girl who can't help but trip over her own feet but she's so cute doing it.) A little overdone but Elise Sax has come up with a new formula that kept me up late trying to finish this book.

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