Thursday, March 1, 2012

Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins

I loved this book, mainly because I liked seeing the evolution of Parker Welles. She was always a good erson and I had hoped that this character introduced in Next Best Thing would get her own story. She had a child out of wedlock with a man who ended up marrying her best friend. Yes, it's hard for her to see the two of them so happy, but she's also generous enough to be as happy as she can for them. They've taken her son with them on a vacation so Parker is especially lonely.

Of course, the other aspects of her life aren't going so well for her right now.  She grew up wealthy but hasn't really talked to her father in almost two decades and now he's lost all of the family money, including her son's. All she has left is a house left to her by an eccentric aunt she never knew. As for her career... she's finally finished up a successful series of books (which she hated), all of the proceeds of which were given to her favorite charity and she's now in the middle of some extreme writer's block. Now, her father's lawyer, nicknamed Thing One, has followed her up to the... well, it's a shack... and is hanging around trying to help Parker out.

Thing One, er, James Cahill, has a complicated past with Parker. He has been the son that Parker's father always wanted and has been closer to him than Parker was. I did like the fact that James had his own complicated back story and wasn't just the he-man alpha male that he could have been.

Kristan Higgins is a wonderful contemporary author and proves that yet again in this story, weaving humor, romance, and even some serious topics with a deft touch that has you hoping that this story won't end, even as you turn the last page.

Readalikes: Suzanne Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie

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